Video: Design Is [Immersive]

Marsha Haverty investigates how to make gestures and actions more familiar

The meaning of a design is understood differently from person to person and situation to situation. For some, conceptual design requires intense concentration to comprehend, while perceptual design is perceived more tacitly. In this presentation, Autodesk’s Marsha Haverty explains how design traits like viscosity, texture, and dynamism play a key role in a user’s engagement.

Watch Marsha Haverty's talk: Design Is Immersive

Autodesk’s Marsha Haverty is an experience architect focused on the information architecture of design and engineering tools. She’s long been interested in the evolution of user experience as a discipline, and her 2002 paper, “Information architecture without internal theory: An inductive design process,” is often used as curriculum for IA classes around the world.

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