Video: Design Is [Helpful]

Google's Nandini Stocker examines the evolution of speech interfaces

From Star Trek’s computer to J.A.R.V.I.S. and Samantha, science-fiction promises a world seamlessly integrated with voice interactions — where speech technology is synonymous with artificial intelligence. Yet, the current reality has a lot of catching up to do. What’s slowing us down? This talk explores the gaps between fiction and reality, and identifies what’s getting in the way of a fantastical future.

Watch Nandini Stocker's talk: Design Is Helpful

As part of Google’s Conversation Design Standards team, Nandini Stocker created voice experiences for Google’s 50+ business units, in 60+ languages and 120+ countries. She is passionate about helping people make voice interfaces more accessible. Stocker also believes the secret to realizing speech technology's full potential in human-to-computer interactions is by honoring the core, evolved rules of human-to-human communication.

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