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Get practical insights from Google’s People + AI Research (PAIR) team on how to take a multidisciplinary and human-centered approach to designing with machine learning and AI. Inside, find articles and video on how ML is changing the way we build experiences and interact with the world.


Simulating Intelligence

Techniques for prototyping machine learning systems across products and features

Participatory Machine Learning

A conversation about bringing more people and perspectives into the machine learning design process


AI and Design: Putting People First

A discussion on how designers can harness and humanize AI’s vast potential

People + AI Guidebook

Tactical guidance and best practices for designing human-centered AI products

PAIR on Medium

Find non-technical articles exploring ML’s impact on our lives, work, ethics, and the world


Six AI Terms UXers Should Know

Clear and simple definitions of essential concepts


Control and Simplicity in the Age of AI

How Google Clips found the right balance between familiarity and functionality


ML and the Evolution of Web-Based Experiences: Fast, Real-Time, and Fully Interactive

Lessons from designing “Emoji Scavenger Hunt”


AI Is Design’s Latest Material

MoMA’s Senior Design Curator explores how artificial intelligence helps designers reach visual and functional...


First: Raters

Designing for AI’s unseen users can lead to better products in the long run


Designing (and Learning From) a Teachable Machine

UX insights on designing simple, accessible interfaces for teaching computers


Predictably Smart

Machine learning works best when users don’t have to think twice


Method Podcast, Episode 9

UX designer Josh Lovejoy talks about designing Google Clips, and the future of AI-powered products


Fair Is Not the Default

Why building inclusive tech takes more than good intentions

Case Study

The UX of AI

Using Google Clips to understand how a human-centered design process elevates artificial intelligence


Video: Design Is [Smart]

Jess Holbrook and Josh Lovejoy demystify and explain human-centered machine learning

Video: Fair Is Not the Default

In this TEDx talk, UX lead Josh Lovejoy presents a case for including fairness as a core component of the machine...

Expression’s AI-Powered Selfies

How neural networks and artists are working together to create recognizable illustrations

Drawing Inclusive Design Insights

What the world’s largest doodling dataset can teach us about creating useful and accessible AI-powered

Video: Understanding Machine Learning and Human Bias

A primer on how to make technology that works for everyone

An Introduction to Human-Centered Machine Learning

7 steps to help you put people first when designing ML-driven products

Google AI

Find more projects from People + AI Research (PAIR) and discover how the team uses design and experimentation to...