Video: Design Is [Smart]

Jess Holbrook and Josh Lovejoy demystify and explain human-centered machine learning

Machine learning will cause us to rethink, restructure, and consider new possibilities for virtually every built experience. In the Google UX community, designers practice human-centered machine learning (HCML) to help focus and guide that conversation. In this talk, HCML experts Jess Holbrook and Josh Lovejoy introduce designers to core machine learning concepts, explain how to integrate ML into the UX toolkit, and talk through ways to ensure that ML and AI are built inclusively.

Watch Jess Holbrook and Josh Lovejoy's talk: Design Is Smart

Want to learn more about HCML? Read Jess and Josh’s recent article, “Human-Centered Machine Learning: 7 steps to stay focused on the user when designing with ML.”

Jess Holbrook is a UX Manager and UX Researcher in the Research and Machine Intelligence group at Google. He and his team take a combined human-centered and technology-inspired approach to building AI products powered by machine learning. He co-leads the PAIR Initiative, is the UX lead for Google’s AIY Projects, and is motivated by how democratizing AI can help people solve meaningful problems for them and their communities.

Josh Lovejoy is a UX Designer in the Research and Machine Intelligence group at Google. He works at the intersection of Interaction Design, Machine Learning, and unconscious bias awareness, leading design and strategy for Google’s ML Fairness efforts.

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