Beneath the Surface

Google Seed Studio shares the inspiration behind their latest creative direction

Recently, Google released several new devices which were accompanied by a collection of videos and visuals featuring the inspiration behind the products, layering scenic backdrops and natural textures throughout. The videos were directed by Google Seed Studio. We asked the team to share a few thoughts on the making of this work.

Seed Studio: Since the launch of Google Home Mini, we’ve collaborated closely with industrial designers to create films that highlight the materials, color, and design intent behind their work. With each series, we look at new themes, editing styles, and layouts. One was inspired by the manufacturing processes used to make these products, such as weaving fabrics and machining metal. In our latest, we celebrate the inspiration and detail that went into these pieces. We paired these products alongside the imagery that inspired various design decisions to give a snapshot of both the inspiration and the final product.

Pixel 4a

As the first phone in this series with a fully rounded body, we opened with rounded rocks on a black sand beach. We opted for dark monochromatic product shots to emphasize how soft light rolls around the edges. The mint-chip-like drip is intended to playfully introduce the stand out power button.

Pixel 5

For Pixel mood imagery, we emphasize color and material contrasts, putting focus on new colors, a borderless screen, and a new unibody shape. Pixel 5G featured a new surface texture we referenced, emphasized against a green rocky environment.

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is made from recycled plastic and helps the people who use it save energy. Its design blends into their home with a unique mirrored display and four colorways: snow, charcoal, sand, and fog. Nature takes the center stage in these videos, featuring a variety of terrain and elements reflecting the colors and environmental focus of the product.

Nest Audio

With Nest Audio, we emphasized the range of colors and the new product shape. To express the colors, we created mood imagery that inspired each. To reveal the new form, we focused on crops highlighting the curved pillow-like shape and upholstered construction.