Happy anniversary, Google Fonts!
Today, Google Fonts turns ten, and to celebrate they’re launching a new site and updated catalog! The team spent many months gathering feedback from users and type enthusiasts alike, in order to understand what could be improved. One example of this feedback loop in action is that a feature like downloading fonts is a whole lot easier (it’s now possible to download an entire font family directly from any specimen page). Head over to to test everything out, and while you’re there note the updated color scheme, which now meets accessibility standards. Bravo! Wait, did we mention variable fonts? Not to bury the lede, but the new and refreshed Google Fonts also supports variable fonts. This new type of font technology can help make the web faster, as well as more beautiful—which is always a solid goal. Congrats, Google Fonts. Here’s to ten more years!
The Bauhaus turns 100: a reading list
It’s been a big year for Bauhaus enthusiasts: The famous design school turned 100, an occasion marked by everything from the opening of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in Germany to a very special Google Doodle. For the centenary, Google Arts & Culture also launched Bauhaus Everywhere, an online museum chock-full of archival images and new perspectives. And we considered how designers can still learn from the Bauhaus, in an excellent, in-depth essay by Google UX Director Jens Riegelsberger. (Key takeaway: “The exactitude of science and engineering is feared to remove the room for creative exploration. The Bauhaus, on the other hand, embraced science, engineering, and new methods of production.”) Still hungry for more? Our friends over at AIGA Eye on Design programmed a week of Bauhaus stories, exploring everything from the school’s gender politics to its typography. Happy reading, and happy centennial.
Add your voice to Google’s UX tools survey
Designers, tell us: What tools do you swear by? How do you collaborate with teammates? What convinces you to adopt a new process? Google is compiling a state-of-the-industry report on how the design community gets work done, with a focus on the most valuable UX tools. We define “UX tools” as any product or system designers use to create, review, or test new work and prototypes. This could include Sketch, InVision, Framer,, Material Design, or Dedoose, but we’re also interested in hearing about your collaboration and communication tools, like Slack or Google Docs. It’s anonymous, but the results will be shared with the broader design and product development community, and—we think—help improve the way we all work. The survey takes about 15 minutes and is open until October 14. Take the UX Tools survey.
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