Join the Material Gallery Early Adopter Program
Like staying ahead of the curve when it comes to design tools? Meet Gallery, a design collaboration app that makes it easy to find, present, and discuss work from a shared, central place. Brought to you by the Material Design team, Gallery simplifies a designer’s workflow and gives you a handy hub for team feedback, organization, and a magic link that always leads to the latest iteration of your work.Be one of the first to try Gallery by participating in the Early Adopter Program, and visit for more info.
Google Design Medium Round-Up
Check out a handful of our latest and greatest Medium articles: Learn how Google redesigned over 2,000 emoji to make them more expressive than ever; Watch the top design talks from I/O 2017 in our Definitive Design Guide; Get an inside look at Seoul’s vibrant design scene from four of the city’s top studios; Find out what happens when you lock 35 developers and designers in a room for a 3-day design sprint; Read a UX designer’s top tips and tools for getting started in the industry.Follow our publication at to find even more insights and tips from designers at Google.
Material Components for Android, iOS, and the Web
Making Material just got easier. The new Material Components site features a library of components and expanded documentation that let you build easily for Android, iOS, and the web using open-source code. The components are regularly updated by a team of engineers and designers to follow the latest Material Design guidelines, ensuring well-crafted implementations that meet development standards such as internationalization and accessibility support. Material Components make it easy to develop rich user experiences using Material Design, and you can pick and choose which components to add to your app or website—Material Design buttons, menus, cards, ripples, and dialogs to name just a few. Check out all the components and documentation: the latest news or to contribute to the project, visit Material Components on GitHub and follow @materialdesign.
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