Join the Design Sprint Academy for a problem framing workshop in SF, May 18, 2018
Identifying the right problem is crucial for any successful Design Sprint. This one-day, intensive workshop will give you all the necessary tools for finding effective problems, framing them as actionable challenges, and engaging your team to work towards a common purpose. Best suited for folks who plan on running their own Design Sprints, this workshop will help you gain stakeholder support and set the stage for success.Learn more and register for the problem framing workshop
Now you can submit type designs made with FontStruct to Google Fonts
FontStruct—the world’s most popular type design app—just added support for the SIL Open Font License (OFL), creating a pathway for users to submit their designs to the Google Fonts catalogue. FontStruct’s modular system makes it easy to create new letterforms from a readymade toolkit of geometric shapes. By choosing the OFL, users open up their FontStruct designs for others to use, modify, improve, and distribute.Learn more about type design and Google Fonts
Google Fonts launches Korean support and unveils faster delivery system
The Google Fonts catalog now includes five Korean web fonts for designers and developers working in the nation’s Hangul writing system. Because Hangul calls for a large number of unique characters, font files are often incredibly large and page loads can be slow as a result. The Google Fonts team used machine learning to develop a more nimble system to deliver Korean fonts to web users on the fly. Instead of sending the whole file, the Google Fonts API chooses a certain ‘slice,’ based on language patterns found across the Korean web. These new fonts will plug into your website just as easily as any other Google Font, and even more Korean fonts are scheduled for release in the coming months. Visit the new Google Fonts Korean directory
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