Google Design Medium Roundup: Inspiration Edition
Looking for a little design inspo? We’re here to help. Our latest Medium roundup is chock-full of inspirational articles and advice: Discover the 12 best “design” books that aren’t explicitly about design; Tips for designing like a visionary; How to create something that doesn’t exist yet; Why design is all about making meaning.Follow us at for even more insights from designers at Google.
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Watch talks curated by the New Museum’s Karen Wong
Explore how user experience design has crossed over into other cultural realms, in this series of design talks hosted at Google, and curated by New Museum Deputy Director Karen Wong. Watch as musician and artist David Byrne, architects Florian Idenburg, Lauren Johnson, and Ryan Day, work to better understand the concepts of user-as-audience, user-as-participant, and user-as-client. All three talks in the series are now available to view in our YouTube playlist–enjoy.Watch the Design Talks playlist
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