Google Fonts launches Simplified and Traditional Chinese support
New year—new, faster fonts. In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, the Google Fonts catalog now includes five Simplified and two Traditional Chinese fonts—the Chinese written language differs according to country—for designers and developers working with Chinese text. Since Chinese fonts often contain more than 10,000 characters, single font file delivery is unacceptably slow. Building on earlier launches for Korean and Japanese, Google Fonts has analyzed character usage over millions of public web pages to build optimized font ”slicing” patterns for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. This allows modern web browsers to only download the portions of a font—typically a very small fraction of the complete set—containing the characters that they need. Head over to Google Fonts to check out—and try out—the Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese libraries.
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For this installment, we’ve gathered a bunch of goodies to get you through to the new year. Inside you’ll find: our annual review, chock full of hand-picked design favorites and award-winning projects; a bundle of podcasts from our SPAN x Design Notes series, featuring James Bridle, Isabelle Olsson, Stephanie Dinkins, and more; a quick guide to AI terms everyone should know; and lots of other newsworthy items to read while you’re on the road or enjoying some much-deserved downtime before 2019. Happy new year!Subscribe to the Google Design Newsletter
Google is FastCo’s Design Company of the Year
“We have world-class designers across key areas… There’s alignment around shared values and approaches but diversity of thought and opinion.” — Sundar PichaiWhen Google was incorporated in 1998, it was synonymous with technology and search engines. But design? Not so much. Today, Google is Fast Company’s 2018 Design Company of the Year. Clearly, a lot has changed over the last two decades. In a new interview with Sundar Pichai, our CEO discusses Google’s design evolution, challenges, and legacy—revealing how we landed the first Fast Company award recognizing high-quality, ambitious design work in an organization.Read more over at Fast Company
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