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New Material Design Guidelines for Offline States and Android O
The latest updates to the Material Design Guidelines include a new section on offline states—to help you better customize your app for users without internet access. Plus updated guidance for Android Oreo on creating adaptive icons and categorizing notifications into channels, and a section on how settings are grouped, titled, and styled. Find out more by visiting the "What's new" section of the Material Design Guidelines.Follow @materialdesign for the latest news and updates.
Announcing the Winners of the 2017 Material Design Awards
This year's best-in-class Material Design Award winners: Blinkist, Eventbrite Organizer, NPR One, and momondo. After reviewing hundreds of submissions, we're pleased to celebrate our four honorees—in Brand Expressiveness, Interaction Design, Platform Adaptiveness, and Innovation respectively—at #SPAN17 Pittsburgh on September 15.Read more about the design behind each of these outstanding apps:
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