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This time around we're digging into all things Material Design, including the new customization features and tools announced in May—like Material Theming, Gallery, and the Material Theme Editor. Need something to peruse by the pool? Check out this edition’s playlist of design videos from Google I/O, advice on how to make a teachable machine, and collection of 5 cool things to put on your radar this summer, curated by a Palo Alto-based UX designer.Subscribe here to get the next Google Design Newsletter delivered directly to your inbox.
Save the date and prep your questions for the #AskMaterial Twitter Chat on June 27, 2018
Got Material Design questions? We’ve got answers. Tune in for our next #AskMaterial Twitter Chat on Wednesday, June 27 from 12:00–1:30 PM PDT, to ask Material Design experts about anything (and everything) from Material Theming to design tools and implementation. Team members from Material Design, Google Design, Design Relations, and Material Engineering will be on hand to answer your questions on the latest Material release.Follow the chat or submit your questions to @materialdesign using #AskMaterial.
Introducing Centered, a new video series on human-centered design
“We have a responsibility to create things that are focused on the human experience, things that are centered.” — Yasmine EvjenToday we’re launching Centered, a new video series focused on human-centered design. Travel the world with host and Google Design Advocate Yasmine Evjen, to explore the intersection of design, product, and people. In the premiere episode, Yasmine follows the International Rescue Committee and volunteers from in Amman, Jordan as they redesign an app that helps Syrian refugees move from surviving to thriving—a particularly apt subject for World Refugee Day. The series will criss-cross the globe as Yasmine talks to designers, researchers, and engineers, while exploring the impact and importance of a human-centered design process.Subscribe:
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