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Need a little perspective? Broaden your horizons with our collection of design talks. Get new insights on everything from Artificial Intelligence UX, to emotion-sensing interfaces, and VR innovations from industry leaders like futurist Pamela Pavliscak, designer Senongo Akpem, and UX designers Jess Holbrook and Josh Lovejoy.Learn more and subscribe to the playlist.
VP of UX Catherine Courage shares what it’s really like to work at Google
Read a new essay by Catherine Courage, VP of User Experience, on the top five lessons learned after a year at Google. Her Medium article focuses on building and maintaining a healthy UX culture by cultivating passion, speed, and an ethical compass. Co-author of the book Understanding Your Users, Catherine is an expert on UX and design thinking, with an interest in brands, product design, information experience, and innovation.Follow Catherine on Medium
Google Design Medium Roundup: Developer Edition
Developers! Amp up your design game with this roundup of our most popular Medium articles: Learn how to take advantage of Android O’s new color management capabilities; Try using browser extensions to build prototypes; Supercharge your design meetings with these decision-making tactics; Learn how to use Android Studio’s new downloadable fonts feature.Follow our publication at to find even more insights and tips from designers at Google.
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