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Introducing the Android Developer’s Guide to Better Typography
Learn how to build an app with distinctive typography using Android Studio’s new downloadable fonts feature. Every developer knows that design plays a major role in user experience—it’s often a critical factor in the success or failure of your app. Still, there’s always the temptation to use default fonts, whether to push ahead with a release, to sidestep the expense of purchasing fonts, or just to avoid the seemingly arcane art of type selection. In this tutorial, Google Fonts Tech Lead Rod Sheeter shows native developers how newly available features make it easy to customize typography, reduce the size of APK files, and harness the full power of the Google Fonts catalog. Read the Android Developer’s Guide to Better Typography
Design Artificial Intelligence Into Your DIY Projects
Google’s newly minted AIY Projects group has just unveiled their latest tool: The AIY Vision Kit. The kit essentially uses the same computer vision capabilities as self-driving cars and the Clips camera, but for DIY design projects. Connecting the Vision Kit with a Raspberry Pi and camera lets you (or your kids) run built-in neural network models, so the system can process live video. Which means it can do things like recognize your cat in the backyard, send an alert when your car leaves the driveway, or take a photo of the squirrel at your bird feeder.Learn more about the AIY Vision Kit on the Keyword.
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